Airfluence Community Guidelines

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Airfluence is, and always will be, community first.

When you join Airfluence, you join an amazing community of Influencers and Brands around the world.

As Airfluence continues to grow, it's important that we don't lose sight of what got us here in the first place - our incredible community of Influencers and Brands. To ensure that our community continues to grow with us, it's important that all new (and existing) members follow a set of simple guidelines that reflect our values and standards of behaviour.

1 All love. No Hate.

We do not tolerate harassment on Airfluence. We want people to feel safe to engage and connect with each other, no matter the circumstance. This policy applies to both Influencers and Brands because we want to prevent unwanted or malicious contact on the platform.

2 Be considerate

Whether you're an Influencer or a Brand, be considerate of any party you're working with. Always remain polite and constructive when working together.

3 Be respectful

We encourage Influencers and Brands to be respectful of each other's collaboration suggestions. If you have a counter point, engage respectfully with the topic. We ask that you avoid personal attacks or any commentary that may be construed as offensive, harmful, defamtory or abusive.

4 Communicate honestly

Honest communication is at the bedrock of Airfluence. Communicate honestly as you engage in any collaborations, either as an Influencer or Brand. Do not over commit and express clearly what you're willing to collaborate on (or not collaborate on).

Thank you for thoroughly reading through our community guidelines. We look forward to continue building the Airfluence community, together.

Team Airfluence

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